“On Interdependence” is a five part audio artwork that uses history, stories, sounds, and music to explore different perspectives and examine the threats posed by the climate crisis in Montreal. Each piece features a humanistic portrait of the city, its surroundings, and the lives that occupy it.

From winter storms in Texas, to the acidification of the ocean, the climate crisis is often framed through warning signs that feel far away or nearly incomprehensible. How can we rearticulate our understanding of changing environments toward one that is more tangibly based in our communities? Created to be both educational and emotionally impactful, On Interdependence considers the changes happening in familiar places and spaces, while demonstrating the urgent need to work toward solutions.

“On Interdependence” emphasizes just how much our actions and behaviours affect the lived environments and the experiences of people, plants, animals, and all our planet’s natural systems. The project signals the imminent need to care for our surroundings and each other and the imminent need for an understanding of interdependence.

Created, written and narrated by naakita feldman-kiss
Production assistance and sound design by Adam Mbowe
Scoring and audio engineering by Simon Chenaux and Yoann Denesle
Graphic and web design by angeli.ca

“On Interdependence” is the result of CJLO’s audio storytelling residency for Sounds In Our Changing Worlds, a project aimed at creating audio content on the climate change emergency in Montreal. This initiative is made possible by the Community Radio Fund of Canada, the only organization mandated to financially support campus and community radio stations in Canada.