Centered around a family’s pre-war life in Leipzig and the experience of their flight path to the Caribbean, “Remaking Edgware” is a video artwork that aims to rediscover and reimagine a history made quiet by time, diaspora and trauma.

“Remaking Edgware” is grounded in the exploration of cultural and historical documents from personal and public archives. Through revisiting family stories, retrieving details from the past, and reimagining moments that might not have been committed to memory, the piece uses fact and fiction to create a dialogue between myself and the imagined voice of my grandfather. The work is an altar, an attempt to honour what we know happened, what we were told happened, and what has been left to the haze of the past.

”Remaking Edgware” was produced under the Museum of Jewish Montreal’s Microgrants for Creative or Cultural Exploration program, with support from the Community Innovation Fund.